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Freelander 1 Tailgate Window Regulator

CVH101150 (Without motor)
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Freelander 1 Tailgate Window Regulator

Tailgate window regulator for all Land Rover Freelander 1 (1996-2006):
1.8 petrol (1996-2006)
2.0 TCie diesel (1998-2000)
2.5 KV6 petrol (2001-2006)
2.0 Td4 diesel BMW engine (2001-2006)

WARRANTY: 12 Months
PART NUMBER: CVH101150 (without motor)
BRAND: High quality Aftermarket

Suitable for 3 & 5 doors, manual & automatic vehicles!

The Freelander 1 Tailgate Window Regulator is a component of the tailgate window assembly for the Land Rover Freelander 1 SUV. This part is responsible for controlling the movement of the window glass, allowing it to be raised or lowered with ease.

The window regulator is typically made up of several components, including a motor, gears, and a track system that guides the window up and down. The motor is powered by electricity and controls the movement of the window, while the gears and track system work together to ensure smooth and consistent movement.

Over time, the window regulator may become worn or damaged, resulting in difficulties with window operation. Signs of a faulty window regulator can include slow or uneven movement of the window, unusual noises when the window is being raised or lowered, or the window becoming stuck in one position.

Replacing the Freelander 1 Tailgate Window Regulator can typically be done by a trained mechanic, and may involve removing the tailgate panel and disconnecting the old regulator before installing the new one. Proper installation is important to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the window.

Product Details
CVH101150 (Without motor)
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