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Volvo haldex 3 service kit

Volvo haldex generation 3 service kit
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Volvo haldex 3 service kit

Volvo haldex 3 service kit comes with:

1 x 850ml Febi haldex oil

1 x Generation 3 haldex filter with lid and bolts

1 x Syringe and pipe filling kit

1 x Haldex pump o'ring set

(these are the 2 o'rings form the haldex pump)

1 x Haldex main large o'ring

(this is the o'ring that goes between the haldex and the rear differential)

1 x Haldex copper drain plug washer






**There is more than one generation type of this haldex service kit**


The easiest way to see which type you have and to ensure that you purchase the correct generation is to check your haldex pump.

The generation 3 type has a black plastic cap with a flat end.

The generation 4 type is silver metal and has a raised end.


We have also attached a picture of the two pump types to this listing showing the difference between the two.


If you want us to check what kit type you need, please provide a full chassis number or UK registration number and we will confirm compatibility.


Tis kit will fit Volvo models as listed below with generation 3 haldex units:

S40 II (544):

S40 II T5 AWD 169KW 230HP (2007-2010)

S40 II T5 AWD 162KW 220HP (2004-2007)


S60 I (384):

R 2.5T AWD 221KW 300HP (2003-2011)

2.5T AWD 154KW 210HP (2002-2010)


S80 I (184):

2.4 T5 AWD 147KW 200HP (2000-2003)

 2.5T AWD 154KW 210HP (2003-2006)


S80 II (124):

D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2007 onwards)

 4.4 V8 AWD 232KW 316HP (2006-2012)

 T6 AWD 210KW 286HP (2007-2010)

 3.2 AWD 175KW 238HP (2007-2010)


V50 (545):

 T5 AWD 169KW 230HP (2007-2010)

 T5 AWD 162KW 220HP (2004-2007)


V70 II (285):

 2.5T AWD 154KW 209HP (2002-2007)

 2.4 D5 AWD 120KW 163HP (2002 onwards)

 R 2.5T AWD 221KW 300HP (2003-2007)

 2.4 D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2005-2007)


V70 III (135):

 3.2 AWD 175KW 238HP (2007-2010)

 D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2007-2009)

 T6 AWD 210KW 286HP (2007-2010)


XC70 Cross Country (295):

 2.5T XC AWD 154KW 209HP (2002-2007)

 2.4 D5 XC AWD 120KW 163HP (2002-2007)

 2.4 D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2005-2007)


XC70 II (136):

3.2 AWD 175KW 238HP (2007-2011)

 2.4D / D4 AWD 120KW 163HP (2007 onwards)

 D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2007-2009)


XC90 I (275):

2.5T AWD 154KW 209HP (2002-2014)

 D5 AWD 136KW 185HP (2005-2010)

 V8 AWD 232KW 316HP (2005-2010)

 3.2 AWD 175KW 238HP (2006-2010)

T6 AWD 200KW 272HP (2002-2006)

 D5 AWD 120KW 163HP (2002-2006)


BRAND: OEM Febi Oil & Quality Replacement Part


WARRANTY: 12 Months

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Volvo haldex generation 3 service kit
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